Top 5 Mobile App UI Designs to Spark Your Creativity

Having a killer app idea is awesome, but let’s face it, nobody wants to hang out with the app that looks like it got stuck in the 90s. That’s where UI design comes in – it’s basically the outfit your app wears to impress users.

Think of UI design like this:

  • Buttons and menus: These are like your app’s arms and legs – gotta make them easy to use!
  • Layout and color scheme: This is the overall vibe – chill and calming, or bright and energetic?

Why is a Stellar UI Important?

Imagine your app is at a party. If it’s confusing to navigate and looks like a mess, people are gonna ditch it faster than yesterday’s pizza. A great UI makes your app:

  • Super fun to use (think addictive games, not homework!)
  • Easy to remember (like your favorite band’s logo)
  • Totally on-brand (think rocking the same style as your best friends)

Tips to Make Your App the MVP (Most Valuable Player):

  • Think like your users: What are they trying to do with your app? Make it easy for them to win!
  • Pick the right platform: Is your app hanging with the Android crew or the iPhone gang?
  • Keep your brand identity strong: Don’t let your app show up looking like it borrowed someone else’s clothes!
  • Make it easy to use: No one likes a confusing app – it’s like trying to follow a map with no landmarks. ❌

Totally Awesome App UI Examples to Steal Inspiration From (Shhh, Don’t Tell Anyone):


Music is all about emotions, and Spotify uses color gradients to create a visually stunning experience (perfect for your next jam session).

Glo Yoga

This app chills you out with calming colors and a super simple layout, perfect for your next cobra pose.


The app uses a lot of large, clear photos to showcase the listings.


Ordering food should be fun, not frustrating! Grubhub uses bright colors and clear buttons to make your pizza dreams come true.

GrubHUb UI


Who isn’t aware of WhatsApp?! The app uses a lot of white space, which makes it easy to see the chat conversation.

The Rest is Up to You! Explore tons of other apps and see what makes their UI rock. ✨

Remember, a great UI is like the cherry on top of your app sundae. It makes it look good and taste even better! So put some thought into your app’s design, and watch it become the coolest app in the playground.